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Title East To West Series (Set Of 7)
Synopsis East to West is an exciting seven part series charting the birth and flourishing of civilization in the Near and Middle East, and its huge influence on the West. A largely untold story, and a fresh perspective, the series charts the spread of civilisation across the globe from the first cities of Mesopotamia. For crucial phases in world history the key place was the Middle East – an extraordinary region that was a political, economic and cultural centre and a bridge between the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. East to West tells a complex story encompassing vast empires and covering three continents. An epic journey of discovery – from the East to the West.
Format DVD
Set Titles The individual titles in this series are:
Between Two Rivers (East To West Series)
Triump Of Monotheism (East To West Series)
Force From The Desert (East To West Series)
Muslim Renaissance (East To West Series)
Asian Crucible (East To West Series)
Rise Of The Ottomans (East To West Series)
Ottomans & The West (East To West Series)
Duration 7 x 55 mins
Year 2013
Notes Suitable for Grades 8 – ADULT